Set in Florence in the early 1500's, Machiavelli is a witty comedy with bite about the great political thinker and his equally clever wife, Marietta. Within a constantly changing world of intrigue, they must use their wits to navigate the outrageous whims and violent behavior of the Medicis, as well as their own daughter's shocking rebellion. Should Machiavelli help his sworn enemy, the Medici family, in order to help his own family survive to fight another day...or confront them and put all their lives in jeopardy? When the trials and tribulations of the Renaissance rule the day, it isn't always enough to be Machiavellian.

Even for Machiavelli.

Most famous for his extraordinary political treatise, The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli is a playwright's dream. And Machiavelli by Richard Vetere, is an audience's delight. Don't miss what critics have called "snappy, surprising, stimulating, and all together satisfying".

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